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Zoho Interview Experience | Set 42(Off-Campus)
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 11 Mar, 2019

I attended Zoho interview on Feb 2nd, 2019

Round 1:

There were 25 questions.15 Technical Questions and 10 Aptitude questions

Technical Questions-Basic looping, conditional statements, operators, increment and decrement operators, pointers

General Aptitude-problems on train, pipes and cistern, ratio and proportion, puzzles, clocks, calendar, speed and distance, basic logic questions

Tips: Geeks puzzles, c set questions -64, For Aptitude prepare specific topics, refer India bix

Give more importance to technical than general aptitude questions

Round 2:

I got mail for second round on Feb 27th, 2019.The second round was scheduled on March 5th, 2019

Three questions were given


From around 25, 10 were shortlisted to the next round

Round 3:

The bank has initially three customers.There were  around eight modules .

  1. Account Login
  2. Purchase

Account Login

Giving customer id and password .Password should be encrypted and stored

Encryption is like A-> B, B->C

a-> b, b->c, c->d

0->1, 1->2

On successful login, it should print the account details

          1.Create Gift Card

          2. TopUp

         3.Transaction History



1.Create Gift Card

Gift card with 5 digit card no and 4 digit pin number will be genrated


For topup, amount need to be reduced from main account balance and added to gift card

3.Transaction History

Should print all the transaction details of a particular gift card


If the card is blocked, shouldn’t be available for topUp, Purchase.the amount in gift card should be transferred to main account

5.Logging Out

After log out, should go to main module,



Login to the gift card

Purchase Amount

Then print Available balance

7.Redeem points :

For Every 100 rupee purchase, 1 reward point is added .For 10 reward points, 10 will be added to main account

8.Doing for Multiple gift cards

Around 5 to 6 of us  who completed 6 to 7 modules were shortlisted to next round

Round 4:Tech HR(Face to Face)

1.Final Year Project

2.Collections ? Data Structures in Java

3.Difference Between HashSet, HashMap, List

4.Overriding and Overloading

5.Abstract class and interface

6.if throws keyword in base class, then is it necessary to do the same in derived class

7.Should we need to create abstract class object

8.Balanced Parenthesis problem

9.Difference between Stack And queue

10.Does HashSet accepts Object, then how it implements unique character

11. Upcasting and DownCasting in java

12.static and instance variable

13.Can static method accepts instance variables


15.Access specifiers

16. Digged mostly oops concept

You will be evaluated in each and every round in all aspects .

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