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Zoho Interview Experience | Set 19 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 24 Oct, 2016
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Zoho is one of the esteemed company with a unique style of intake i.e it takes a candidate only on the capability and strength on C language and coding. Its tagline for intake is also that the candidate should be passionate about coding(programming).

Everyone from our college could attend, even with backlogs also. The only thing is he should be good at programming.

They said us to assemble at 9:00 AM

I expected to write the outputs of the program but the scene was different. They gave every question on loops and control flows.
They gave us 1hr 30 min to solve 45 ques.
22 ques were on loops and we should write the output from the program, each ques is the same routine. Next 23 ques were the flow charts and we need to write the output.
We are given rough sheets and they are taken back.
they gave us the results in the afternoon.

I was not selected for round 2, but of my friend shared his experience.
This round was coding round we are given systems and a C IDE. the invigilators give us the ques and we need to solve them one by one, after solving one we are given the next ques. each ques is interrelated somehow. after solving around 6 to 7 ques we are announced qualified fr the next round.

This round is an application development one of my friend was asked to develop an program such that accepts all the cases of the railway reservation. We need to handle booking, cancellation, user priority and no of seats left etc. almost we have 2 hrs or more to deal with that. my friend was unable to deal with it. all our program will be visioned by the members of Zoho.

They ask us several ques and test our programming knowledge.

After our 4th round they asked us to come to Chennai. there they take one more filtration and give us the call letter with a package of 6.5lakhs.

To ace this Zoho u need to be perfect with C language. At least 70% proficient. u need to leave everything at least for 6 months and practice coding. luck don’t support u until the last round.
My classmate aced zoho, who was passionate about programming since 1st year of B Tech.
She even got 100% in nptel exam conducted by iit on DS and coding, that is all. Overall its a great company with good growth. Don’t give a try, put some effort and then try.

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