Zoho Interview Experience | Set 15 (Off-Campus Drive)

It was an off­-campus drive. More than 1000 people appeared for the drive.

This round had 15 aptitude questions which were easy. The hint is you have to think logically
and apply basic maths. And also 10 C output questions which were tough.
Only 15% of people survived for programming round.
Those who didn’t clear first round went for Content Writing role.

This round had 5 easy programming questions.

1) Given an array, find the minimum of all the greater numbers for each element in the array.

Array : {2, 3, 7, ­1, 8, 5, 11} 
{2­>3, 3­>5, 7­>8, ­1­>2, 8­>11, 5­>7, 11­>} 

2) Find the largest sum contiguous subarray which should not have negative numbers. We have to print the sum and the corresponding array elements which brought up the

Array : {­2, 7, 5, ­1, 3, 2, 9, ­7} 

     Sum : 14 
     Elements : 3, 2, 9  

3) Given a string, we have to reverse the string without changing the position of punctuations and spaces.

Sample:   house no : 123@ cbe 
Output:    ebc32 1o :  nes@ uoh 

4) Given a 2D grid of characters, you have to search for all the words in a dictionary by
moving only along two directions, either right or down. Print the word if it occurs.

Sample :         
  a   z  o   l 
  n   x  h   o
  v   y   i   v 
  o   r   s  e 
 Dictionary = {van, zoho, love, are, is} 

5) Given a string, change the order of words in the string (last string should come first).
Should use RECURSION

Sample:   one two three 
Output :  three two one 

Should solve atleast 3 problems……Around 30 students cleared this round.

This was an application development round. The application was TOLL PAYMENT PROCESSING .
They insisted us to do it in a object oriented language. First they asked the design( what are all the classes and objects & what data structure do you use).

Application description: