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Round 1: System coding

5 ques –

1. Pattern printing (diff : easy to med).

2. Paranthesis checker.

3. Make a palindrome by deleting or shuffling  or swapping characters .

4.  Modify an array such that every element  should be greater than prev and next .

5. Wildcard pattern matching.

Round 2: technical round

Questions about array, linked list, puzzles, and probability.

Puzzle: you are given a container of rectangle shape filled with 1 litre and you want to pour half a litre without seeing or measuring.

There are three rooms, two rooms having bikes and the other is cycle, now one room is opened which is having bike, in the other two rooms you have to say the probability of getting bike in one room.

Reverse a linked list of k groups, cycle in the linked list.

Round 3: Technical round

print a matrix in snake pattern k  = 10, row = 3.

1   6    7

2   5   8

3   4   9  10

clearly explain the logic to the interviewer and be clear when writing code in the paper.

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