Zoho Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Round 1: Pen and Paper test on Aptitude and C, C++ Fill in the blanks ( mainly focused on tracing Recursions and Pointers ). Duration – 1:30 hrs

  1. C and C++ 10 questions 1 mark each
  2. Advanced C and C++ 5 questions 2 marks each
  3. Aptitude 10 questions 1 mark each

Around 1500 students appeared out of which only 250 got selected for next round.

Round 2: Competitive coding in our campus labs offline. Duration Р3 to 5 hours

There are five questions to solve.Even if you solve 3 you will get into next round.Anyone can solve 2 questions so question selection is important here.They observe the following in code :

  • Quality
  • Modularity
  • Boundary test cases
  • Efficiency

The questions range is hacker-rank’s medium level and some are easy.No language restriction but Java is preferred.Some invigilators won’t accept to use inbuilt functions and libraries.

Round 3: System Design and Development.Duration – 3 to 5 hours

Our task was to implement Kanzo Interpreter .It’s basically 5 Levels, in each level we have to build a module which leads to final task.

  • Modularity of code is very important
  • Cleanliness of code
  • Boundary Conditions

They won’t expect complete implementation, they observe the approach.Chances for next round are very high if the mentor likes your code.Again language is not a restriction but Java is preferred and expected by them.

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