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Zoho Interview Experience | Off-Campus for 1.6 years experienced

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Round 1: Programming (L1) and Aptitude.

Duration: 2 hours

Section 1: 10 Predict the output questions. Each question carries 1 mark. Topics: Loops, Pointers, If-Else, Array

Section 2: 5 Predict the output questions. Each question carries 2 marks. Topics: Pointers,  Recursion, Matrix (2D Arrays), Nested loops.

Section 3: 10 Aptitude questions. Each carries 1 mark. Topics: Time & Distance, Probability, Ratio & Proportion, Problems on Trains. 

Round 2: Programming (L2)

Duration: 45 minutes

Remove the duplicates in the String.

Testcase 1:

Input: Java1234

Output: Javb1234 (Remove the second ‘a’ as it is duplicated)

Testcase 2:

Input: Python1223:

Output: Python1234 (Replace the second 2 with 3, and replace 3 with 4 as 3 is replaced for the duplicated 2)

Testcase 3:

Input: aBuzZ9900

Output: aBuzC9012

(Replace the second ‘Z’ with ‘C’ as ‘a’ and ‘B’ are already there in the String. Replace with capital C as the letter to be replaced is capital Z. The second 9 turns out to be zero and the zero turns out to ‘1’ and the second zero turns out to ‘2’)

Round 3: Advanced Programming (L3)

Duration: 3hours

Create an engine that can process the user query. The main focus is not the logic but System Design.

  1. How the created query engine scales out perfectly even upon adding new features later?
  2. How do we create a system that can handle the following inputs and process the input query?


  1. Given a table containing a set of 10 employees with respective fields:
    IDNameAgeDesignationDepartmentReporting To
  2. Show all employee data
  3. Process the query:
    1. Get input from the user until presses exit.
    2. Get field value to compare, comparison operator as input
      1. If the field value is age (int data type), supported comparators: >, <, !=, ==
      2. If the field value is of string data type, supported comparators: ‘startswith’, ‘contains’, ‘endswith’, ‘notcontains’, ‘equals’ and ‘notequals’.
    3. Use ‘AND’ in default for queries with multiple checks.
    4. Eg: age > 30 and age < 50 and department contains finance and reporting to A
  4. Show the reporting to hierarchy for the given employee name: J -> I -> F -> D -> C -> B-> A
  5. Show the employees reporting to the given manager.
  6. Show summary of Department, Designation, ReportingTo.

The entire application is to have a menu and the user could be able to select from the menu.

Round4: Technical HR (L1)

Duration: 30 minutes

  1. I was asked about my previous experience and to explain the project in my previous company.
  2. I was asked to solve some of the puzzles.
  3. The interviewer asked many questions on my L3 coding and added up many extra features and asked how will you handle those additional features?
  4. What are the loopholes that you find in the design for your engine?

Round 5: Technical HR (L2)

Duration: 30 minutes

  1. The interviewer asked about my college project, a couple of puzzles, logic to a simple program.
  2. I was asked about Hibernate (ORM) technology and it’s advantages.
  3. I was asked about awards and achievements in my previous company.
  4. Questions on my project in my previous company.

Round 6: General HR:

Duration: 10 minutes

  1. Why ZOHO?
  2. Why are you leaving the previous company?
  3. How do you see yourself after 4 or 5 years?



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Last Updated : 20 Jan, 2020
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