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Zoho Interview Experience | Off-Campus 2021

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Round 1: Aptitude round with 30 question. 

Split up 5 of C aptitude,20  of Java and 5 quant.

For sample questions

Most of the java questions based on java 8.

Round 2: Programming round 

1. Find the occurrence of a number and display the values in ascending order of the given input

Ex input  3 4 3 4 1 2 3 1 2

Output 2 2 3 2

2.Alphabets are inside () and the number -9<=0>=9 which is under{} solve the string according to the sample input output  

Input (z){-2}oho

Output ZZoho

Input ((X){2}(y){3}(z)){2}

Output xxyyyzxxyyyz

3.a. email id can have alphabets numbers replace la email ID with 5 stars () should have domain name

Example input


B. Phone number should have + at 1st and should have 2 numbers and a hypen – and 10 numbers 1st 6 numbers should replace with 5 stars..  

In the 10 number can have – or () it can be negligible  

Example input +91-1234567890

Output +91-7890





Round 3: Advanced programming round

Here we have to develop a simple railway ticket booking application. 

Develop a Railway Reservation Application contains

1.AC coach

2.Non AC coach

3. Seater

each should contain 60 seats and 10 waiting list max allowed rest request should be cancelled.

you should have

1.Ticket Booking

2.Ticket Cancellation

3.Status Checking

Round 4&5: Techincal HR and HR round

Questions where asked from resume and the previous project which i had done before.

Practice more and do well.

All the Best!!

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Last Updated : 21 Jan, 2021
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