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Zoho Interview Experience | Off-Campus 2020

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2020

Round 1: Aptitude round with 25 question. Split up 15 of C aptitude and 10 quant..

Questions on C aptitude were tricky with recursion and String manipulation using pointers. Quant. had mixture of Advanced questions and couple of logical puzzles.

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Round 2: Programming round with 4 questions.

Q1. Print whether the version is upgraded, downgraded or not changed according to the input given.

example: Input : Version1 4.8.2 Version2 4.8.4 Output: upgraded, Input : Version1 4.0.2 Version2 4.8.4 Output: downgraded

Q2. Print all possible subsets of the given array whose sum equal to given N.

example: Input: {1, 2, 3, 4, 5} N=6 Output: {1, 2, 3}, {1, 5}, {2, 4}

Q3. Reverse the words in the given String1 from the first occurrence of String2 in String1 by maintaining white Spaces.

example: String1 = Input: This is a test String only String2 = st Output: This is a only String test

Q4. calculate Maximum number of chocolates can eat and Number of wrappers left in hand.

Money: Total money one has to spend.

Price: price per chocolate.

wrappers: minimum number of wrappers for exchange.

choco: number of chocolate for wrappers.

Max visit: Maximum number of times one can visit the shop.(if zero consider it infinite)

example: input: Money:40 Price:1 wrappers:3 choco:1 Max visit:1 Output: total chocolate can eat: 53 wrappers left in hand:14

Round 3: Advanced programming round. Here we were asked to build a menu driven application without using database.

Question was to build an Employee record management app with 5 tasks to be executed to qualify the round.

we can hard code the employee records in any data structure of our choice.

Columns of the table are: EmpName, Age, Designation, Department, ReportingTo

Task 1: Display all the Employee records in a table format.

Task 2: Search records based on user give criteria.(this task is divided into two sub tasks)

a. display option according to the column type 1.String – Equals, Notequals, Contains, Notcontains, startswith, endswith 2.Integer- <, >, =, !=, between.

b. apply the same for multiple conditions using ‘AND’ for each condition.  (similar to ‘where’ class in SQL using multiple columns).

Task 3: print reporting tree of the given employee.

Task 4: print the employees reporting to the given manager.

Task 5: print summary of Department, Designation, ReportingTo.(menu driven)

Round 4&5: Techincal HR and HR round.

As these rounds differ from candidates, I am mention how i prepared for them. Go through your Resume well. Be Confident in your answers.

My overall experience is great. They will give you enough time and encouragement to solve the problems if you happen to know the logic to solve them.

All the Best!!

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