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Zoho Interview Experience for Software Developer | Off-Campus 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 16 Nov, 2021
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There were 6 rounds:

Round 1(Online Assessment): There were 20 questions 10 for general aptitude and 10 for C output.

  • The test was for 4 hours.
  • In some sets, flowchart questions were also included (not in my case).

Round 2(Programming Round): I got the mail to attend the online programming round after a week(be patient some times they may delay more). 

  • The mode of the test was virtual meeting and they provided the set of questions and you have to code them in your own IDE.
  • The time given to complete this test was 4 hours.
  • There were 5 questions in my case(it may be different, depending on the team who is taking your interview) and I chose Java to code.
  • First, you have to code the solution and tell the approach you used, the interviewer may ask you to run a few test cases.

I completed 4 out of 5 questions, I would suggest trying to do at least 3 out of 5 to be in the safe zone.

Round 3(Advance Programming Round): This is the most crucial round. After the 2nd round, I get the mail to attend round 3 after a week. 

  • The mode of the test was virtual meeting and they provided the set of questions and you have to code them in your own IDE.
  • The time given to complete this test was 4 hours.
  • A description of an application will be provided and you have to design that in your own IDE.
  • Sample test cases will be given to test the code.
  • Try to understand the question clearly so that the corner cases don’t get stuck, discuss the question properly with the interviewer.

Question: I was asked to design an Application for an XYZ Hospital so that it could determine the time of patient to leave the hospital. If the patient data is already then no need to create a new patient otherwise create the user. There will be fixed time is taken by the receptionist and there will be two medical staff and then there will be a doctor who will take time between 5 to 20 minutes according to the disease(not given you have to take random number). If the previous patient is already there then the next patient has to wait till the previous patient comes out.

Input: The patient’s Id, name, and arrival time.

Completed this section and ran all the test cases successfully.

Round 4(Technical Discussion): After completion of the previous round, I got the mail after one week to attend the technical discussion. 

  • The interviewer asked about the intro and have my resume. Most of the questions were asked from my projects and open source contributions I mentioned in the resume. 
  • He discussed the database design and asked me to write a few queries from my project.  I interview took an hour to complete.

Round 5(Managerial Round): In this round, I was asked about my experience in previous rounds. The interviewer took a look at projects and asked a few questions like why I chose Zoho. This round took 30 minutes.

Round 6(General HR Discussion): This was a telephonic interview. General HR questions were asked you can find these questions on the internet. If you make up to this round this means you make it to the company.

If you are preparing for the Zoho interview prepare it well and be honest in all the interviews. 

All the best!!!

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