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Zoho Interview Experience for Native Mobile App Developer | Off-Campus 2020

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I saw an opening for a Native mobile application developer for Zoho. After registration, I got an email after two weeks saying that I was shortlisted for the first round of interviews. There were four rounds, all of them were online in their own meeting application. I was given the option to choose any language and my desired IDE.  I used C++ and Sublime.

Round 1:

There were 6 questions, I could only complete three questions, I didn’t think I would clear the round. After completing three questions my time was almost over, so he asked me If I could create a custom stack. So, these were the question that was asked. After that, I got a call in the evening from an HR from Zoho. I was told that I would be having and another interview tomorrow.

Round 2:

I couldn’t complete some features. But I almost completed it. After the code review, my interviewer asked some questions regarding my experience, personal interests, future goals, and my family. After that, he told me I would be having another round of interviews tomorrow and it would be based on my technical experiences.

Round 3: Since I was a Python developer and was applying for a Native app developer role, they asked me questions on Python, OOP concepts, Garbage collector, and some basic questions on iOS development and Databases. After that, my interviewer gave me two coding questions to solve.

I got a call after 5 days asking me for an HR interview. HR asked some basic questions like Why I am leaving my current company? , What is my salary expectation?, Future goals. I was told that they would publish my results next week. 

Last Updated : 08 Jan, 2021
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