Zoho Corp Off Campus Internship Experience

Round 1:

First round consisted of quantitative aptitude questions, logical reasoning and C technical questions without choice. This is the pattern that is mostly followed at the organization. I read many interview experiences at Geeks and fortunately I had a similar set of questions. Aptitude questions concentrated in works and wages, speed and distance, profit and loss, discounts etc., C technical questions focused on Strings, Pointers, Increments and Decrements etc., Remember at Off campus they even collect your rough sheets to assess you. I did well and got through the second round.

Round 2:

The second round, as expected was a coding sector. Questions based on Dynamic Programming, String manipulation and Recursion were put and they asked me to reduce the time complexity as much as possible which I tried my level best and gathered. They even noticed the time that I took for each change that I made. Well again I was filtered and put further for the third round.

Round 3:

Third round, just as usually, team leader went through my resume and asked questions based on it. They never asked questions related to my areas of interest rather their areas of interests. It was J2EE . They put forth questions based on the frameworks Struts, and Servlets, Jsp and few more. Questions based on data structures were also discussed for better solutions. They were satisfied with me and gave an oppurtunity for internship. I was also selected for FTE based on my internship performance !

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