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Zoho Corp Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 24 Jul, 2019
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Zoho Crop: Zoho corp visited our campus for recruitment, It was a two days process:

Day 1: Written Test and Coding round

Day 2: Advanced coding and Interviews

There are four rounds each round had elimination

Round 1 (Written Test): Pen and Paper test on C & C++ Language and Logical questions (Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning). C & C++ Language questions based on pointer, recursion  (Duration-2 hrs)

C & C++ Language  : C & C++ and  10 questions (1 mark each)

Advanced C & C++ Language : C & C++ and  10 questions(2 marks each)

Logical Questions : Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning(1 mark each)

*Note: It was not a MCQ Test we have to write the Answers for every questions for  C & C++ Language we have to write the output there was no negative marking for wrong answers.



Round 2 (Competitive coding): It was a offline test on our campus lab . it consists 5 questions. Even if you solve 3 you will get into next round. They want Clarity, Quality, Boundary Condition, Efficiency (Any Language you can use its on you).(Duration-3 hrs)

1 :Job Sequencing Problem
2 :Longest Increasing Subsequence

3 :Find the string in grid

4 : ATM Machine Problem given notes of 1000, 500, 100, 50, 20, 10(Number of notes given at the starting point and we have to N transactions if amount present return the amount present in ATM decrease count of notes and  if not present then display “no sufficient amount”)

5 : Given the Text and we have to find the Pattern

? ->means one characters are missing

* -> means multiple characters are missing


Text                                                                 Pattern                                                          Output

baaabab                                                          baaa?ab                                                          TRUE

baaabab                                                          b*ab                                                                TRUE

baaabab                                                          *ab                                                                  TRUE

baaabab                                                          ba?ab                                                              FALSE

*Note: Try to avoid built in function, try to use best approach .



Round 3 (Advanced Coding Round): My task was to implement “Chess Tournament” in which they gave four modules.  implementation of all four modules are important. Given the number of players we have to conduct matches in pair we have to create a  random method for match if ‘player 1’ wins gave 1 point else gave it to ‘player 2’ if there is a Tie then both ‘player 1 ‘ and ‘player 2’ got 0.5 point if number of players are odd then the last one gets bonus point 1 we have to display the winner of each match with both player at every round we have to display score of every player, and we have to assign match according to there score and once two player played a match they are not allowed to play match in the same pair we have to display the winner of the “Chess Tournament” and also the cumulative score (bonus points are not allowed to add).(Duration-3 hrs)

A Technical team Member is there you can discuss if you have any problem they can explain problem to you if require.

They can ask anything from your code so prepared with all your concepts .’

Once i completed all modules i shown it to a Technical team Member, he asked me some questions from code, he wants me to explain the code i explain full code step by step with mentioning all the Object Oriented Programming Concepts. Then at the same place he asked me some question related to my Projects that done in my academics.some other questions from my resume, and also some HR Questions like  (about family member, about parents occupation, native place )

*Note:Try  to use Object Oriented Programming Concepts and Data Structure . your code should be clean can be easy to understand. try to show every module once you complete it, Intersection with member is very useful


Round 4(HR Interview): It was a very short interview round a HR member was there in the panel he asked me some questions about  family and why i choose MCA after B.Sc., My Dream Company, where i want to see my self after 5 years, and are you comfortable in South India because i am from north, have you visited Chennai, What is service based company and what is product based company, then he asked if i have any question i asked few questions then he asked me to wait out side . (Duration- 15 minutes)



Now,   Finally he call me with two more student who shortlisted from Round3 and gave us the offer latter with 6 month internship.


1: Prepare well for all round .

2: Be good with your all concepts .

3: You can use any language but JAVA  is  preferred.

All the best




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