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Zoho On Campus Drive | Set 25 (Software Developer)

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Zoho visited our college to recruit people for software developer role in September 2017. There are two types of packages offered.

Round 1: Written Test

The first round has 30 questions with 2 sections.Section A is technical aptitude from C on predicting outputs.Major Topics covered in C language are Pointers and arrays. Section B has some logical aptitude questions and few from quantitative aptitude.

Round 2: Coding Round

Five coding questions were asked to do in any of the  Programming language C, C++, and Java.

some of the  questions are:

1)Evaluate given expression which has factorials and exponential terms.

2)To implement snake and ladder game for given two-dimensional array having position of snakes and ladders

3)To calculate strength of the password string using some predefined rules given in the question

4)Given four points, We have to say whether it is square or rectangle or any other shape
Round 3: Advanced coding round
One coding question is asked.The question is to implement the mail server.They checked for data structures used to solve the problem, authentication method and some basic things like logout, send, and login modules

Round 4: Final Interview
The final interview has both technical and HR questions.Basics of OOPS were asked in the interview.Concentrate on scenario based questions.

Finally, 13 people have selected for the Software developer role out of 1200 candidates appeared for the written test. All the 13 people were offered intern for the period of 6 months.


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Last Updated : 23 Jul, 2019
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