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Zilogic Systems Interview Experience

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 05 Jan, 2021

I appeared for Zilogic Systems recruitment process in January 2020. There were a total of 4 rounds, for the position of Engineer role. The Test comprises 

  • Written Test,  
  • Online coding, 
  • Technical, 
  • Behavioural round.

Round 1 (Written Test): The written test comprises 50 questions and includes basic Quantitative aptitude questions, reasoning, and basics of microprocessors, networking, and outputs of code snippets. There is no negative marking.

Suggestion: I would suggest you go through the Indiabix and Carrerride website for the aptitude and the reasoning part. For the network, part goes through the Knowledge gate channel and for microprocessor and computer organization subjects you can watch the Ravindrababu lectures.

Round 2 (Online Coding): The questions were mostly from arrays and bit manipulation.  You need not optimize the solution, brute force is enough and the only criteria are that the solution has to pass all the test cases. There were around 6 questions, 

  1. 4 Questions from arrays, 
  2. 2 Bit manipulation. Array questions are of medium level.
    1. Subset Problem.
    2. Swap two nibbles in a byte

Suggestion: Make sure to practice all the bitwise questions in GFG, also do have a clear understanding of the different numbering systems and the explanation of answers for this round.

Round 3 (Technical Interview): The interview went for around 45 minutes, mostly from the projects, the code snippets in the written test explanation, the explanation for the code in Round 2. Also questions from Linux basic commands to Linux Internals.

  1. Basic Commands in Linux.
  2. Virtual Memory.
  3. Internals of Linux like pipe, cat, head, tail implementation.
  4. In-depth C – Questions.
  5. Techstack and what is the contribution to the projects.
  6. Networking Class A, B, C and the number of bits in IPV4, IPv6.

Suggestion: Be Confident and answer the question, if don’t know the explanation just say I will look upon it.

Round 4 (Behavioural Round): Questions on why Zilogic systems, what is the work expectation, basic details about schooling, college and the previous internships.

Tip: Be Confident and Mostly solve DSA questions on Array, and basic of networking and Linux. 

Good Luck.!

Finally: I Got Selected.

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