Zilker Technology Interview Experience Chennai – Consultant Trainee

The Interview process took 2-3 days. They visited our campus virtually. Initially, they sent us a Google form consisting of 1-2 pages which has some basic details, hobbies, career aspirations, etc. You’ve to fill that form carefully because through that form only shortlisting takes place. Overall 200-300 people shortlisted on the whole of 2500+ people.

First Round: 30 MCQ (Quantitive, Non-verbal reasoning, and Technical ) 

2 Coding Question:

  1. Uphill Downhill (Kadane’s Algorithm).
  2. Trapping rainwater.

Over 50 got shortlisted in the first round.

Second Round: Technical round based solely on a resume. Questioned about each and every single detail in my resume and DBMS, OOPS, 2 easy programs, REST API, Projects. Over 15 got shortlisted.

Third Round: Technical questions on DBMS, OOPS, the interviewer wants me to write the code for a recursive sorting algorithm, scenario-based questions on java core concepts. Asked in detail about my project and about the technology I’ve chosen. Over 8 got shortlisted. 

Fourth Round: HR round based on some general behavioral questions regarding the form which we filled. Some questions on the resume. Over 7 got selected.

Overall a positive interview(more like a discussion) with friendly people.

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