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Zignuts Technolab Interview Experience 2020
  • Last Updated : 22 Oct, 2020

I got placed in Zignuts Technolab at Gandhinagar. Zignuts Technolab came to our campus for campus hiring. If we are interested in the mentioned profiles then we have to send our resume for the respective profiles. There are total of 5 profiles.

  1. JavaScript Developer
  2. Web Developer-Laravel/PHP
  3. Mobile Developer-Android, iOS, and React Native
  4. Business Analyst
  5. Quality Analyst

I am interested in the JavaScript Developer profile, So I applied to Zignuts as a JavaScript Developer. 

Round 1: The first round is resume screening. If they like your resume then you got an email for further rounds.

So I would like to inform all job seekers to make your resume easy and write everything to be honest because the resume is your 1st impression. From our campus total, 44 students(for different roles) are selected for further rounds. I was one of them.

Round 2: Our 2nd round is on Sunday. It is the HR round. In this round interviewer ask me about my self, my short term goal and long term goal, and my family background.

I replied to all questions politely. If you are able for the next technical round then HR will further inform you. On the same day, I got a call for 3rd round. 

Round 3: This round is a technical round and around 40 students are selected for this round. I have 8th months of work experience(Intern) in PHP at Udhyog4.0. So interviewer started from my internship project, about my role, and about my team. Then frequently ask about PHP questions.

So I would like to please refer to all documentation regarding your proficiency languages like the latest version and stable version.

  1. What is the difference between the older version and the latest version?
  2. Then they ask to write a given code in PHP. Code is given by them in the different platforms in that hosts are able to view your code so don’t try to chit. The code is based on array and string.
  3. Further, ask me about jQuery, JavaScript, Ajax, and Bootstrap questions because I had mentioned in my resume as well as in my project also. 
  4. Then they ask about trendy technology like machine learning, NLP, Cloud Computing, but I am a bit aware of this all technology. If you don’t know in deep then please tell him that sorry sir I don’t aware of this. 

My interview lasted 30-35 minutes.

From 40 to 8 students are selected for different roles. 

That’s it about my interview. 

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