Zeta Interview Experience ( For SDE – II)

Round 1: Telephonic Round

  1. How the hashmap works internally and some more questions on it.
  2. Binary Tree is BTS or not.
  3. Stock buy and sell multiple times. Calculate the profit.
  4. Given an array with the following conditions:
    Every element is repeated twice
    One is element is present only once
    repeating elements will be clubbed together
    Example –  u u i i k k  a a b b c c d d e e f h h
    Find the non-repeating element. Answer for example – f
    Hint: Binary Search
  5. List of ratio given and need give the answer to m queries
    Example :Given list [ a:b = 3, c:d = 4, g:h = 10, b:c = 8 ]
    Query 1: What will be the a:d

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