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Zebra Technologies Interview Experience | Set 1 (For Internship)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 06 Nov, 2017
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Around 70 applied for the first round of Zebra Tech. Internship offer. Basic Criteria was to have a CGPA of greater than 8.00.

Offline Written Round : First Round was Offline MCQ TEST . Test consists of technical questions based on C , C++, JAVA, DBMS , OS AND Computer Networks and few tricky aptitude questions.

Level of questions was easy. Around 45 students were selected for the next round.

Round 2(Technical Round): This round lasted for around 1 hour. There were two interviewers . They asked my resume and to introduce myself. Then he asked few questions related to my projects.

  • In DBMS, questions related to primary key , foreign keys, joins , triggers and cascading were asked.
  • In OS , questions related to  paging, segmentation , IPC, semaphores, deadlock etc. were asked.
  • They asked me in which programming language i am comfortable with. I told Java.
  • Then he started asking questions related to java. Few questions i remember are implement generic queue in java (which i implemented using arraylist), few questions related to garbage collector and also asked to write a function to reverse a string in java without using any inbuilt function.
  • Then he gave me 3 functions  which were returning integer pointers. That questions were tricky. At first , i was unable to solve or find any errors in the questions but interviewers gave me some hints which i used them to solve the question. He was very impressed with my answer 🙂 .
  • Then he asked me to write a function to detect loop in a linked list which i wrote in java. After that he started asking questions related to computer networks like how network layer works, datalink layer, dns server(i.e. what happens when u type a link in a web browser), bridge etc… around 25 were shortlisted after this round including me.

Round  3(Managerial Round):

This round was very easy which lasted for around 20 mints. Only 1 interviewer was there. He asked me some questions related to my family background . Then he gave me some situation which i don’t remember  and asked me what would u do in that situation.

Few questions like what is your hobbies etc. was asked. Around 15 students were selected for next round.

Round 4(HR Round): 

This round was also very easy. HR was very good . He asked me to introduce myself and  few HR questions like strength, weakness, relocation etc. Finally 9 students were selected for the internship including me 😛 .

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