Youplus, Inc – Data Scientist (On Campus – Full Time – Bangalore)

Round 1: There was a written test was taken using pen-paper method comprising of about 25-30 questions. All of them had negative marking except the aptitude section. Around 100 students appeared for the technical position. They came for both tech and non-tech positions. Multiple openings in both the domains.

The questions mainly raged from Computer Networks, Web Technologies, DBMS, Algorithms, Data Structures etc.

The questions were pretty much straight forward and required attention to details rather than core technical knowledge base. Anyone with an honest effort in their 4-years of B.Tech can crack them easily.

Sadly not lot of people cracked and went to the next round. Only about 40 odd people were selected for the next round. I was one of them.

Round 2: This round was tougher than the previous test. Everyone was given the same problem of maximizing the profit for the football stadium when certain restrictions are placed on the way ticket are sold. It was one of the tough questions i have ever tackled and took me about 40 minutes to solve it.

We were not suppose to write the code but the algorithm only and explain each line of it with proper time and space complexity to one of the lead developers present.

The solution was expected to the optimal and not brute force. I got the optimal solution with a time complexity of O(nlog(n)). A brute force would give a time complexity of O(n2).

Only a handful of about 8-9 people cleared this round for the combined tech and managerial interview. I was one of them.

Round 3: In this round I was interviewed by 3 different professionals, which I later got to know that they were D.O.E. (Director of Engineering), Lead Full-Stack Developer and Lead Data Scientist in their AI team. This interview was not same for all, it changed depending on the individual profile. I was asked questions on python, and machine learning algorithms mostly. The interview went great for me. Except a couple of them I was able to answer correctly. The interviewers were very friendly and didn’t put any pressure. The interview went for about 35-40 minutes.

Four offers were made which included 3 software engineer profile and 1 data scientist profile. I was one of them. I accepted the offer. Overall experience was great. The whole process was different and tailored to every individual to show their best potential.



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