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Year() Function in MS Access
  • Last Updated : 11 Sep, 2020

Year() : Function in Microsoft Access is used to return the year part of a given date.

Syntax :

Year (date)

Parameter : This method accepts one parameter as mentioned above and described below :

  • date : It is any variant, numeric expression, string expression, or any combination of these that can represent a date.

Returns : It Returns the year part of a specified date . If date contains Null, Null is returned.

Example-1 : Find Year from a specified Date :

SELECT Year(#05/17/2017#);

Output :


Example-2 : Find Year part of Today :

SELECT Year(Date());

Output :


Example-3 : Find Year of Joining of the Employee :

SELECT Year(JoiningDate) FROM Employees;

Output :


Note : There Should be JoiningDate column in Employees Database.Here, the Employees Database contains only 3 records.

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