Yardi software India pvt ltd | Off Campus Drive for Software Engineer Trainee

Yardi is a software company that makes applications for all sizes of property management and real estate companies. The company makes software suites for property management, marketing, commercial applications, senior living and investments. Yardi’s software consists of cloud-based tools that work on both desktop and mobile platforms.Yardi has headquater in santa barbara, california.

I called by yardi at pune office for interview round.they has shortlisted me through cocubes score.my score was good in cocubes assessment test.

When i visited pune office than i realize that 250 students has called for drive today.

Round 1: Hr round, This is first round to test your communication skills by getting knowledge about your projects and some hr question like tell me about yourself etc. this round is also an elimination round because many of students eliminated in this round but i was selected for round 2.

Round 2:Technical round, In this round they test your coding skills or technical knowledge.i got coding question to write a program to reverse a number, sort an array, swap number without using third variable and some technical question.many students eliminated in this round too but unfourtunetly i got selected for next round.

Round 3:This round is also a filter round to get best one and in this round they asked me to tell about oops concept and again coding question but simple reverse a string and make a factorial program and some high level coding question and lastly i got selected for next round thanks to god

Round 4:This is final hr round and in this round they asked some hr questions and tell me about job and joining date and give offer letter and i got it.

that was 1 day process and only 7 students are selected.

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