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Yardi Software India Pvt Ltd Interview Experience for Software Developer | On-Campus

  • Last Updated : 27 Aug, 2021
Geek Week

This was an on-campus recruitment process for the position of software developer. All of the processes were held online.

Online Test Round 1:

This was a mixture of aptitude questions and a few technical questions. The technical questions included 70% DBMS questions. Overall easy to medium-level questions. I cleared this round.

Online group discussion: This round was nothing like an actual group discussion since it was online. The panel members told us to speak on the topic “Engineers are unemployed in India” for 5 mins for each candidate. I cleared this round as well.

Online Test Round 2: 

This test was similar to test round 1 but the difficulty was slightly raised. I cleared this round as well.

HR screening or Telephonic interview: One of the HR people contacted me on WhatsApp video call and asked basic questions about myself like family background, where do I live, preferred domain, etc. It was not an elimination round

Technical Interview

There were two interviewers. All of the questions were based on DBMS. He drew two tables and asked me to perform normalization. Other questions were on SQL, DDL, DML, etc. some questions were also asked on procedural language. The duration of the interview lasted for 1 hour. The difficulty level was high. I answered 70% of the questions

After the technical interview, I was not informed whether I was selected or not. They didn’t acknowledge me about that. So I guess I got rejected in the technical interview without any acknowledgment.

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