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Yantriks India Pvt Ltd Interview Experience | 2020 February – IIIT Jabalpur

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  • Last Updated : 08 Jul, 2020

Round 1: Online Coding Assessment

This round is conducted on the HackerEarth platform. There were 3 coding questions and 1 Java project question. The time limit is 2 hrs.

Java Project question – Implement Single Inheritance, Multiple Inheritance, Multi-level Inheritance, and Hierarchal Inheritance.

Coding question 1: Profit maximization

You have to travel to different villages to make some profit.
In each village, you gain some profit. But the catch is, from a particular village i, you can only move to a village j if and only if i<j and the profit gain from village j is a multiple of the profit gain from village i.

You have to tell the maximum profit you can gain while traveling.

Coding question 2: Coin distribution problem

What is the number of ways to distribute N coins among M people, when each person can only have a maximum of C coins?

Coding question 3: Database cleanup (java)

Round 2: Face 2 face round 1

  1. Print reverse of a Linked List without actually reversing.
  2. Explain the difference between Interface and Abstract class
  3. Explain Polymorphism

Round 3: Face 2 face round 2

  1. Given two strings s1 and s2 as inputs. Find whether the string s2 is a rotation of string s1 or not.

Example:  s1=”cat”   s2=”tca”   output – true   reason – rotation at index 2

s1=”dog”  s2=”dga”  output – false  reason – no rotation

2. Find min and max in an array with less than 2N operations given that N is the number of elements in the array.

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