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Yamaha Motor Solution Pvt. Ltd. Interview Experience for SDE

  • Last Updated : 24 Nov, 2020

I applied through college or university. The process took a week to complete which includes 5 rounds. Bond- 2 years (6 months intern + 1.5-year Full time ).

ROUND 1 (Online MCQ Test): Online MCQ test divided into 2 sections. (Aptitude + Technical)

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  • The aptitude section had quantitative and verbal reasoning questions.
  • The technical section had C++, JAVA fundamentals, OOPS, DBMS, CN, Data structures questions.

Out of around 90 students, 47 were shortlisted for the next rounds.

ROUND 2 (Psychometric Test): A psychometric test consisting of personality evaluation questions. It was a non-elimination round.

ROUND 3 (HR Interview): HR Questions like introduction, hobbies, goals, strengths, Puzzles, and motivation were asked. Out of 47 students, 27 were shortlisted for Technical Round, which was an Offline face to face interview.

ROUND 4 (Technical Interview):

  1. Began with an introduction and then favorite subjects were asked.
  2. OOPS questions: Generalisation, Specialisation, Containership, Diamond Problem, Friend Function
  3. Traverse a 2-D matrix using pointers.
  4. Print 1-N numbers without using any loop. (Hint: Recursion)
  5. SQL Query on finding the second-highest Salary from the employee table.
  6. Basic concepts of Computer Networking.

Out of 27 students, 9 were shortlisted.

ROUND 5 (CTO Round):

  1. One meeting with the CTO of Yamaha motors solutions.
  2. Questions regarding education, family background, interests, and hobbies.
  3. Asked me to speak on DBMS. (Types of Databases: Relational and Non- Relational)
  4. CTO will try to assess your personality based on the way you answer your questions.

Finally, out of 9 students, 7 were given the Job Offer.

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