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Yahoo Interview Experience | Set 4 (On-Campus for System Engineer)

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  • Last Updated : 26 Aug, 2019
Job Profile : System Engineer (on Campus)


Pen and paper test was conducted.There were about 30 MCQ’s. 4 aptitude and 26 technical questions.Technical questions consisted of,Computer Networks, DBMS,Unix,Data-Structures,Algorithms and c/c++ output questions.


Coding round: (120 mins)

(1)print all amicable pairs within a given range.

(2)Related to Shell Scripting and parallel processing of programs.Monitor the memory and CPU usage. If it exceeds 80% warn the user and kill some background processes to stabilize the system.

(3)print the top 5 OS used , top 5 browsers used .

In this round they look at the approach more than the output and effeciency of your code.


Technical Interview -1 (30 mins)

Shell scripting and unix based questions.

Explain the boot procedure.

what happens when you login to linux (how password is validated?).

where are the passwords is stored ?

what is /temp , /var , /proc ?
Few Networking questions were asked:

what happens when i type in the browser

what is 3 way handshake and how its done ?

Difference between TCP UDP

What is SNMP ?

Technical Interview -2 (30 mins)

The interviewer asked me to choose any two projects where i learnt the most and asked me to explain about it.

OOPS Concepts.

How multiple inheritance is achieved in java ?

write down few unix commands

difference between hub,switch,router

What are integrity constrainsts in DBMS ? explain

Few Informal questions such as

Why do you want to work at yahoo ?

If i had any offers already ?


Technical Interview-3 (20 mins)

What are servlets?
Difference between servlets and applets ?
Explain Life cycle of a servlet
Explain MVC architecture
Few JDBC concepts
what is proxy DNS server ?
Design question : how would you design a system which would localise web content for a particular region ie display web page in kannada in bangalore and marathi in pune etc..
They look at your approach here and observe how well you consider factors such as cost , space , latency and analyse the problem.
On the whole the interviews were great , the interviewers made me very comfortable.After the third technical round i was asked to wait for the results outside.

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