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Xome Interview Experience | Set 2 (On Campus- Software Developer)

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  • Last Updated : 13 Oct, 2016

Long Coding ( 2 hours)

  • Designing a traffic mgmt system.
  • You were assigned a person from the company who would aid you with any doubts and clarifications. He would also regularly come and ask how far you have progressed. The emphasis was on the use of oops concepts, proper design of classes, interfaces and abstraction. The solution needn’t be complicated. It could just be simple but meaningful.

Of the 32 students 9 were selected for the interviews. I was one among them.

1. Find the sum of all nodes greater than the given node’s value and store in the node in a BST?
(Note: this had to be done for all nodes in the BST)
2. Given two arrays find number that is present in array2 but not in array1.
3. Sort 0’s,1’s in an array.
4. Sort 0’s,1’s,2’s in an array.
5. 8 identical balls puzzle.

I did well but the reason I got rejected was that the guy who got selected had done the coding in notepad during long coding while I had used Netbeans IDE. So that gave him an edge. Tough luck I guess.

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