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wxPython – Image on button in Python

  • Last Updated : 10 May, 2020

In this particular article we will learn how can we add image to a button in GUI using wxPython. This can be achievwd using BitmapButton() constructor of wx.BitmapButton class in wx.

Following Window Styles are supported :

  • wx.BU_LEFT: Left-justifies the bitmap label.
  • wx.BU_TOP: Aligns the bitmap label to the top of the button.
  • wx.BU_RIGHT: Right-justifies the bitmap label.
  • wx.BU_BOTTOM: Aligns the bitmap label to the bottom of the button.

Syntax :

wx.StaticText(self, parent, id=ID_ANY, bitmap=NullBitmap, 
              pos=DefaultPosition, size=DefaultSize, style=0, 
           validator= DefaultVadator, name=StaticTextNameStr)

Parameters :

ParameterInput TypeDescription
parentwx.WindowParent window. Should not be None.
idwx.WindowIDControl identifier. A value of -1 denotes a default value.
bitmapwx.BitmapBitto be displayed.
poswx.PointWindow position.
sizewx.WindowWindow size.
stylelongWindow style.
validatorwx.ValidatorWindow validator.
namestringWindow name.

Example Code:

# import wxPython
import wx
# event function for button
def onButton(event):
    print("Button pressed.")
app = wx.App()
frame = wx.Frame(None, -1, '')
frame.SetDimensions(0, 0, 200, 70)
panel = wx.Panel(frame, wx.ID_ANY)
# open image from disk
bmp = wx.Bitmap("/home/rahul101/Desktop/wxPython/images.png", wx.BITMAP_TYPE_ANY)
# create image button using BitMapButton constructor
button = wx.BitmapButton(panel, id = wx.ID_ANY, bitmap = bmp,
                          size =(bmp.GetWidth()+10, bmp.GetHeight()+10))
button.Bind(wx.EVT_BUTTON, onButton)
button.SetPosition((10, 10))

Output :

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