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wxPython – GetItemToolTip() method in wx.RadioBox
  • Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2020

In this article we are going to learn about GetItemToolTip() function associated with wx.RadioBox class of wxPython. GetItemToolTip() is a simple function that is used to return the tooltip associated with the specified item if any or None.

It takes index of the item whose tooltip we want to find.

Syntax: wx.RadioBox.GetItemToolTip(self, item)


ParameterInput TypeDescription
itemintThe zero-based index.

Return Type: wx.ToolTip

Code Example:

import wx
class FrameUI(wx.Frame):
    def __init__(self, parent, title):
        super(FrameUI, self).__init__(parent, title = title, size =(300, 200))
        # function for in-frame components
    def InitUI(self):
        # parent panel for radio box
        pnl = wx.Panel(self)
        # list of choices
        lblList = ['Radio One', 'Radio Two']
        # create radio boc containing above list
        self.rbox = wx.RadioBox(pnl, label ='RadioBox', pos =(80, 10), choices = lblList,
                                         majorDimension = 1, style = wx.RA_SPECIFY_COLS)
        # set tooltip for first tool
        self.rbox.SetItemToolTip(0, "Item One")
        # create object for wx.ToolTip
        tip = self.rbox.GetItemToolTip(0)
        # print tooltip text associated with item index 0
        print (tip.GetTip())
        # set frame in centre
        # set size of frame
        self.SetSize((400, 250))
        # show output frame
# wx App instance
ex = wx.App()
# Example instance
FrameUI(None, 'RadioButton and RadioBox')

Console Output:

Item One

Output Window:

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