Workshop on “How to Contribute at GeeksforGeeks?” at GLA University

Hey folks! Searching for an interesting internship? So the wait is now over…
Come join the workshop on how to contribute at GeeksforGeeks which will be held in GLA University on 13th April, 2018. This is a highly informative workshop, which can help you polish your writing as well as technical skills. The entire event will be arranged by our Campus Ambassador Vishal Gupta along with his team of A4Algo Club. This workshop aims at providing an innovative learning environment to the students and render them the best opportunities.

College Name: GLA University

Website Link of the event : Workshop on How to contribute at GeeksforGeeks

Date of event : 13th April, 2018 (Friday)

Contact Details of Student Volunteer :
Vishal Kumar Gupta – 7617003388, Aditi Bharadwaj – 7253094640
Nimisha Pundhir – 8057251146, Tarun Garg – 7611918666
Surbhi Agrawal – 9084927499, Shivanshu Tiwari – 7844051087

The major topics to be covered in the workshop are:
* How to contribute at GeeksforGeeks
* Benefits of contributing at GeeksforGeeks
* Contributors who made it big!

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