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Works Applications Interview Experience | Set 3

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  • Last Updated : 24 Oct, 2015

To get your interviews with Works Applications, you need to solve a set of questions within a stipulated amount of time. One thing to remember is that you are competiting again the whole of India, and hence your programs should run as fast as possible, even in the worst case. As far as I’m concerned, this is the hardest stage to clear. Once you have cleared that, you shall be called for interviews. You shall have the option to pick your location and date of interviews.

You shall have two 45 minutes technical interviews, one 50 minutes written aptitude round and one HR round. The process shall start with the first technical interview. Make sure that you have some projects or experience on your resume, so that there is something to speak about in the initial stage of the interview. Your grades don’t matter here, just your code chops. Once that introduction stage is past, the interviewer shall give you your first question. This is a live coding round, meaning that you need to code your solution on a computer. The interviewer shall be watching every line that you type though another computer. Though you can choose your language to code in, they prefer Java. The question can be a modification of your solution that you submitted online, in which case, code it in the language that you had submitted. You may also be given another question too. Just make sure that you code it all well and quick.

If your clear that interview, you shall be called for the second interview, which is again another live coding round. Another thing to note is that your interviewers shall in all probability be Japanese. If you have any problem with their accent, please say so. My interviewers were some of the nicest interviewers I had ever come across! Some of them are even familiar with some of the languages in India! 🙂

If you clear both these interviews, you now stand a good chance to get selected. If you are strong with your mathematical fundamentals, you can easily clear the written round. Once you do that, you shall be called for the HR interview. I have heard people mentioning that HR round is a mere formality, but I have seen people getting rejected at this stage. So prepare well for this round too. Research the company well, understand what they are doing, what their products are, and about their work culture. Dont just jump ship just because of their package. If you clear this interview, you shall be leaving the room with the signed offer letter in your hand! Good luck!

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