Working with SP Flash Tool

SP flash tools are widely used to download/update the firmware of MediaTek android phones. Using this one can revive a dead android phone, resetting, fixing a bricked device. It can also be used for testing memory.

Note: backup your android device before beginning this process.


  1. The latest version of the SP flash tool. Click here To Download.
  2. Working USB cable.
  3. MediaTek android phone.
  4. MediaTek USB driver. Click here To Download.
  5. Scatter file (for flashing android).
  6. Working internet connection.

Note: Every particular android phones have a particular firmware, use the one which is for your android else it can be bricked or even dead.

Steps To Flash The Phone

Step 1: Install the drivers and update them.

Step 2: Unzip the downloaded SP Flash tool and launch flash_tool.exe. 

launch flash_tool.exe

After extraction open the extracted folder and launch flash_tool.exe

It should look like this

Step 3: You can see the different options, now locate the Scatter-loading File and choose the Android_scatter.txt from the firmware folder. 


Click “choose” in Scatter-loading File

Choose the Android_Scatter.txt file

Step 4: Choose Download Only and begin the download. 

Step 5: After downloading it connect your phone through the USB to the computer/laptop. (NOTE: your phone should be switched off)

Step 6: The phone will start flashing immediately after connecting it to your computer/laptop.

Step 7: Wait for a while the downloading will be done and a green tick will appear on the screen.


Step 8: Disconnect the USB and turn your phone on, it should work fine.

If the process stops automatically then choose the Format All + Download option and follow the above steps carefully.

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