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Working with E-Commerce & BITNET

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  • Last Updated : 02 Oct, 2022
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Introduction :
With the help of internet business is made possible which is given a name E commerce it can be referred to a selling to customers electronically and improving the way business is conducted by a company the transaction of information goods and funds can be done through business to business, business to consumer and consumer to consumer.

Working with E-Commerce :
Through the internet, we can easily order the goods online and the payment of trees products you purchase can be done in various methods as follows.

  • Cash – 
    Pay through cash when you receive the goods at home.
  • Credit cards –  
    The number name expiry date of the card is entered accordingly for the transaction to be done this type of payment it is done through credit card’s.
  • Vouchers or promo code –
    By paying the cash you can purchase payment coupons when some organization work as online buying Agencies that is e-cash this coupon number is entered on the Purchase form and goods are delivered at your doorstep.

Kinds of E-Commerce :

  1. B2B (Business to Business) :  
    Between two business Enterprises, the online selling Association is formed for selling goods to each other. In this category not only the commercial organization come even the non-profit organizations are part of it.
    Example –
    Co-operative societies, Industry associations, Chambers of commerce, Unions, trusts, charities, NGOs, Sports clubs, etc. are the community associations.

    Typical transactions in B2B –
    Typical transactions in B2B are as follows.
    First For the production of goods and services that are to be sold the purchase of raw material and components and services are done through this. The second is the Purchase of goods for consumption. The third is Capital equipment. And fourth is In factories & refineries, the construction of custom-built assets is done.

  2. B2G/G2B (Business to Government / Government to Business) : 
    It is the same as B2B only difference is other party is Government means service delivery by govt. to enterprises.
  3. B2C (Business to Consumer) :  
    Sale by the business Enterprise to the consumer in this case consumer is a person or an organization consuming the goods not for commercial benefit.
  4. C2C (Consumer to Consumer) :  
    From one consumer to another the online selling of goods is done for example Auctions.

Benefits of E-Commerce : 
The online selling and purchasing of transactions are done through e-commerce are the following.

  • Documents including articles and books.
  • Statistics including data.
  • Dictionaries and encyclopedias as reference information.
  • News
  • Weather & Astrological forecast.
  • Software
  • Bank loans
  • Stock based transaction
  • Images and graphics such as diagrams and photographs.
  • Information like Informative articles edutainment and education via multimedia and the entertainment by a music etc.
  • Speeches on musical performance are done through various sound files.
  • Telephone conversation and Tele-conferencing is an interactive voice.
  • Booking of online tickets for events etc.

The transactions are executed for the clients who are registered members with the concerned authorities for bank stock etc. search registrations have to be carried out to Electronic payments involving the purchase of a book or a CD etc are instant and can be done through any payment modes. 

Types of products : 
Two types are there which can be sold through e-commerce as follows.

  1. Physical goods –
    Products that are identified as the service or goods to be provided to the person are physical goods.
  2. Digital goods –
    Delivered or performed entirely through a telecommunications network are digital goods. For example, Goods can be eBook or any mp3 file. Another example is a service that can be provided like teaching offline or online. 

Because It’s Time Network(BITNET) :
The University of Yale and the city the University of New York established BITNET. Basically to exchange information between universities the basic series provided are as follows.

  • Data file exchange of electronic messages.
  • Electronic student admission.
  • Storing research information and remote job entry.

Note –
In India ER Net a counterpart of BITNET which is established for educational and research purposes. 

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