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Working with tmux session

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 26 Sep, 2017

tmux is software application providing a command line interface and also allowing user to access multiple separate terminal sessions inside a single terminal window or remote terminal session. While you work with Amazon Web Services(or any other cloud computing platform like Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure) it helps to create a separate session for each individual and then they can work on it.

While you are working with Amazon Web Services or any other remote computing service that provides Servers to you or to your company. You can create new EC2 instance on it or if company provide you the key of the instance you can easily create sessions and work on it.

Steps are:
(First of all install Git Bash, assuming that we are working with Ubuntu instance server in AWS)

1) Before creating a session ,you must have a key file downloaded and from AWS console instance See this and IP address copied from your AWS console . If you are working in a organization where they use AWS then they will provide you these two things.

2) Now move to that directory containing that key file,then right click and Open Git Bash.
Then type

ssh ubuntu@YOURIP -i eg
Enter IP of the instance in place of YOURIP and then enter yes

3) Now type,

tmux new-session -s EnteranySessionName

To come out of Session
Press Ctrl+b
Then press D
Now you are out of it.

4) Then you can list session here by
tmux ls

5) Now you have successfully started you tmux session
If you want to kill session, then

tmux kill-session -t shantanu

You are ready to go, these are the basics of tmux. For some more commands of tmux, you can refer this

Keep learning and keep contributing to the world.

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