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Working of Scrum in an Organization

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  • Last Updated : 16 Oct, 2020
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Prerequisite – Scrum (software development).

Scrum working :
Let’s say we need to build a product “MyFirstProduct”.

So first, We gather all requirements and feature requests from Customer, Executives, or even other team members. Basically, In Scrum, features are from the end-user perspective. Features are written are known to be “User-Stories”.

User-stories :
These user-stories are collectively known as Product backlog. Means a Complete list according to end-user wish. A product backlog is created. After this, user-stories priority is assigned to a particular release of our product (Release Backlog).

  1. Product Owner :
    So, Product Owner assures that appropriate features are added into backlog, as it helps to set direction of product release.

  2. Scrum Master :
    It is not owner of a project but its job is to make a continuous flow of process and assurance of tools to be required to get work done. It setups meeting and monitor all work and progress of scrum team.

  3. Scrum team/Development team :
    By scrum team we mean, team is a cross-functional, little, and self-sorting out-group that claims aggregate obligation of creating, testing, and delivering Product increase. Also, different roles are there for a specific domain like developer, tester, executives, etc.

Release Planning :
In this, team first prioritizes user stories and estimate amount of work for each user-stories. It gives you idea of amount of total work (an estimation) required to complete entire project/product.

User-stories are divided in prioritization like : prioritization-1, prioritization-2, prioritization-3 etc. And Release Backlog is formed. Now after Release backlog is ready sprints are plan out. Sprint is mainly for a short duration to make determined efforts to deal with chunks of product and get it in a ready state without error and a complete releasable form.

Why Sprints :
Sprint can be 2-3 weeks or up to 1month too. It differs from project to project. If you see sprints are a subset of Release Backlog. Here goal is to release a complete working subset at every sprint. Sprint is also a practical/Realistic representation of product.

Sprint Review is there to check if anything es left or not. After that Sprint Retrospective, it means team checks if there was any other way so that we can improve other sprint by resolving issue based on previous sprint so that release of sprint can be increased.

Burndown chart :
It is used to check progress of every sprint. Using this we calculate Speed of productivity and approximate completion date of project. If team is working less than Chart it simply means team reduces its working velocity and will take more completion date as compared to Burndown chart. Generalize formula in organization : Work remaining / rate equals to days of completion.

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