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Wize Commerce Interview Experience | Set 1 (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 02 Jul, 2021

Round 1 : Written (Aptitude and Logics) 
There were around 30 mcq questions. The questions were based on aptitude and logics. 
There were puzzles also, for example given a 8×8 chessboard find the probability that 2 queens are together. 
Questions based on time and distance, pipes and cisterns etc. Given a paragraph you have to answer the questions. 
This paper was quite difficult. 

Round 2: Written (Data Structures) 
There were 5 questions out of which first three were of 10 marks each and last 2 consists of 5 mark each. 
You have to create a data structure that can do insertion deletion and getrandomelement in O(1) time. 
Given linked lists like 4->3->5 and 3->2->6 the third list formed should be 7->5->1->1 and you were not allowed to modify 
the given lists and you cannot use extra space. 
There was a puzzle question based on akbar and birbal and you need to give a subjective answer that was paradox. 

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Then last question was what is the probability of choosing correct answer from the options given below: 
1) 1/4 
2) 1/2 
3) 1 
4) 1/4 

Round 3: Technical Interview 1 
There was only one interviewer. He first asked me to introduce myself. Then he asked me about my projects, 
he asked me a to write a function to check for a prime number in an efficient manner. Then he asked me to reverse 
a singly linked list using 2 pointers only. He then discussed a puzzle that was asked in written aptitude paper, I answered that. 
Then he asked me a question that given a(a+b)=c+120, where a!=b!=c and a,b and c are all prime numbers find a, b and c. He asked me 
to find the values in 2 minutes. I was not able to do it. He then asked me questions from operating systems. He asked me about processes 
and threads, difference between them, why are threads preferred over processes. If an empty file is created in unix it’s file size is still 
4 kb why is that? Then he asked if file block size is 1 mb how the performance of the system is affected? 
That was for the first round. 

Round 4: Technical Interview 2 
There were two interviewers this time. Firstly one of them asked me to introduce myself. Then he asked that given a string and a number k and 
we need to perform left circular shift on that string in an efficient way. I did that in O(n) he asked me how’s the algorithm is working. 
Then other interviewer asked me that given a tree find the largest distance between two nodes. Then they asked me about least common ancestor 
and asked me to write proper code for that and then he did the dry run and asked me to explain him the code. 

I cleared both the technical interviews and then they called me to their office for other rounds. 

Round 5: HR Round 

The HR was good. She first asked me to introduce myself. What projects I have worked upon. Why I want to join them? 
Do I have any offers? What do you do in your spare time? Your interests? Do you take tuitions? How you enjoyed your life in your college? 
What will you do if given a very very large amount of money? What is your family background? Who all are in your family? Where do you 
see yourself in 5 years and what do you expect from life? 

Round 6: Written (Coding) 

There were two questions to be done in 45 minutes. Given two arrays arr1[] and arr2[], you have to find the largest common subset among the two. 
I done it with two approaches. Another question was that given two strings containing characters of the same superset. You are allowed to perform 
two operations swap adjacent characters and swap first and last characters and operations can be performed on either of the strings. Find the minimum 
number of swaps to make two strings equal. This question was quite difficult. 

Round 7: General Manager Round 

I had a meeting with GM. I was the first one called for it. When I went in no one was there and HR asked me to wait there. Then after that he came. 
Earlier he was busy in setting up his laptop and putting his things out of the bag. Then he asked me for my resume which was on his table. 
He then asked me all the questions that HR discussed with me but he was busy texting someone. Then he was busy on his laptop. He then discussed the 
two questions I did in last round. I told him what I did and what all approaches that I managed to think off post exam. He then asked me to tell differences 
between linked list and arraylist, then he asked me to tell difference between hash table and hashmap. 

That was the whole process. But the GM didn’t selected me, I don’t know the reason for not being selected. What I can think off is that he was too busy texting and calling others which might be more important for him than taking interviews. 

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