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Wissen Technology Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 07 Sep, 2021

Job Title: Analyst

Job Location: Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore

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Eligibility: 7 CGPA and above (the company may shortlist)

Eligible streams: COMP/IT/Electronics/Electronics and Telecommunication

Round 1: Coding Round

  • 5 MCQ based questions on Space complexity, Time complexity, Basic Algorithm, and Pseudocode

Coding Questions :

  • Given M red candies N blue candies and K . Find the total no. of arrangements possible provided that any red or blue candy can be placed only K times next to each other.
  • Given a binary string whose subsequences can be turned into a decimal number. Find the maximum prime numbers of the numbers formed Note: Order of string can’t be changed
  • Given the array of N numbers and Q queries of type [L, R]. For each query [L, R] count the numbers whose Frequency in the range(inclusive) is equal to 2nd max number in the range. max no. can be the same as 1st max no.

Around 20 Students were shortlisted out of 175 Students after this round.

Round 2: Technical Interview 1

Round 3: Technical Interview 2

Round 4: Director Round/Pro-fit Round

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Which was my favorite project I did and what difficulties I faced in making it? Since my project was on database management, after explaining my complete project, I was asked to make an ER MODEL of any shopping site/app, for example, what all tables would be there, how all tables will be linked i.e. primary key and foreign key. I designed the entire schema, it had some errors, then the interviewer explained to me about errors, after rectifying them the final schema was ready. In the end, I was asked to join tables using SQL Query and some concepts of primary key and foreign key.
  • At last, some basic HR questions.

Final Verdict: Selected

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