Wissen Technology Interview Experience (On Campus -2020)

Online Assessment :

Consisted of 4 Coding questions . Levels ranged from Medium-Hard . We had to solve them in 2 hours , so the task was tough . I was able to solve three of the questions completely and one partially . Following are the questions :

1. There were N units of money given to us . Out of an array of length 9 , with each index representing a stock and the price associated with the stock . We had to get the max units of stock using the least amount price associated with each stock . 

So basically , if N= 32, and the array is  7 8 9 8 7 9 8 8 10 , the answer will be 9855 .

2 & 3 were query based Array questions .

4. A string was given of length N containing digits from 0 to 9 . We had to get an index i , such that the substring from i to N is divisible by a no. K and the XOR of all the digits from 0 to i-1 is maximum .  If there exists multiple instances of i , then we calculate the max number. The no. obtained shouldn’t contain any leading zeroes as well .

Interview Round 1 : (Tech Interview 1)

Coding questions were asked in this level . The questions were to be solved right from the brute force approach to the most optimized approach . Wissen specifically loves questions on Array and String Manipulation and Trees . So one should specifically focus on these topics.

Interview Round 2: (Tech Interview 2)

Here I was asked in depth about my projects , Web Development and Database based questions . Coding questions on Array manipulation and Traversals of Trees were asked. Pros and Cons of different types of sortings were also asked . Behavioral questions were also asked.

Interview Round 3 : (Executive Director Round)

Questions only on different Projects were asked in further depth . I was even asked to write and explain the algorithms that I had used . We went on discussing about the different prospects of Machine Learning , new Transformers being used like GPT 3 and Ernie . Even he asked me few behavioral questions .

Interview Round 4 : (Final Round)

Here I was asked about my projects , he was even interested to look at my code . So I had to show him the code and walk him through the whole project by explaining the code . I was asked to explain in the Algorithms in detail here as well . He asked me about the challenges that I faced while making the project and how did I overcome those . He then asked to code a brush (one like in MS Paint) which basically paints an entire shape ( Just like fill color ) . He gave me the driver functions and I was asked to code the same .

Overall , it was an amazing experience . The interviewers were very encouraging , helpful and friendly . They gave me feedback on how well I had performed so far and gave me suggestions on what more can I do to further improve myself . They further explained me in detail , the work culture of the company and why should someone be a part of Wissen.

Final Verdict – SELECTED .

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