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Wipro Turbo Interview Experience | Set 12 (For CSP Profile)

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  • Last Updated : 22 Aug, 2018
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The complete Hiring process took two days. First day, online test was conducted and results came in the evening and Next day interviews were conducted. I applied for CSP (Communication Service Provider) profile.

The eligibility criteria was 6.5 CGPA in Graduation,60% in the previous academic career. Roughly 480 students appeared for the test.

Round 1:Online test
This Round consisted of 60 questions which were to be solved in 75 mins.
It was divided into three sections and we could switch to any section at any point of time.
Verbal-20 questions
Quant-20 questions
Technical-20 questions

Verbal section included synonyms,antonyms,2 RC’s, error correction etc.
Quant included questions from streams, series ,P&C, speed and distance ,clocks and other basic topics.
Technical section included questions from topics like Microprocessors ,C output, Digital and analog, networking, OS etc.

Round 2 : Coding round
Only those Students who cleared Round 1 were eligible for coding round.
It was of 45 minutes and consisted of 1 question.
Question: Given two arrays, multiply first element of first array with last element of second array then second element with second last and so on and add them.

129 students were selected for interviews including MNT profile.

Technical interview-
Ques 1-Introduction
Ques 2-Strengths
Ques 3-Summer project details
Ques 4-Capstone project details
Ques 5-Coding question
Ques 6-Big data related
Ques 7-Cloud computing related
Ques 8-Artificial intelligence related
Ques 9-IOT related.

I answered all the questions and i was given a green signal for HR interview immediately after my technical interview ended.

HR interview-It was a telephonic interview of 10 to 12 minutes.
Ques 1-Intro
Ques 2-One good quality and one bad quality and little bit of cross questioning.
Ques 3-Summer project and it’s uniqueness
Ques 4-Extra Co curricular activities.
Ques 5-Hobbies
Ques 6-Educational gap, if yes then why?

Finally 65 students were selected.

Just be thorough with your resume and projects. Be confident and honest and according to me presence of mind played a crucial role.

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