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Wipro Turbo Interview Experience | Set 11 (For MNT Profile)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 22 Aug, 2018
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The complete Hiring took two days. First day, online test was conducted and results came in the evening and Next day interviews are conducted. This profile MNT is mainly for ECE students. As it offers a role of Associate Telecom Engineer.

The eligibility criteria was 6.5 CGPA in Graduation,60% in the previous academic career.

Round 1:Online test

Its basically a  test consisting two parts.

DISCLAIMER : Each part has an elimination.

part1-60 questions 75 minutes  three sections.

1.Aptitude-20 questions

2.verbal-20 questions

3.technical-20 questions

5 out of 20 from technical are related to  outputs of c,c++,java.

Remaining 15 are related to basics of microprocessors and its programming outputs,Analog and Digital communications,computer networks,digital electronics,signals and systems.

If student fails to qualify sectional cutoff he will be rejected.Aptitude and verbal are of intermediate level of difficulty.

people who solved indiabix questions can easily solve it.

part2-1 coding question 45 minutes basic coding questions like sorting,even places of an number, palindrome, factors of the number, etc.

Actually the questions are applications of the above programs .so, be familiar with the basic programs.

if program executes properly u will be qualified.


Round 2:Technical interview

The technical Interviewer mainly concentrated on the projects mentioned in the resume and the technical skills like Java, C++, etc. Be thorough  with your Resume and prepare well with your known technical skills like Java, C, C++.

Puzzles will also be be ready.Actually my interview phase changed completely to  positive with  answering the puzzle.Even I got more confidence  from my answer.My puzzle was similar to gold rod puzzle.


Round 3:HR interview

Basic questions like

tell me about yourself

why ECE?

why this Institute?,

what’s ur  life goal?,

who is ur motivation?

Be confident and honest u will be selected. Luckily i got selected..

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