Wipro Turbo Interview Experience | (On-Campus)

Job Title: Project Engineer

Round 1(Online Test): This round was conducted on Amcat platform, this particular platform proves to be very efficient during the hiring process as most of the companies adopt this particular platform. It would be very advantageous is one practice using this platform. It also depends on the company to come up with any variants of this test, in this test we had 5 sections namely Numerical Aptitude, Verbal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Coding and Essay Writing. The first three were based on the Amcat syllabus, the coding was based pattern printing and basic array problems and the essay writing was based on real-life problems we face in this society.

Round 2(Technical Interview): This round went on for almost 45 mins, they usually focus on your understanding of the subject rather than going into the depth of it. OOPS concepts and understanding of the basic Algorithms(No need to write code) play an important part in the technical interview. Every subject is covered during the interview including DBMS and Operating System concepts, one should make sure to know brief of all the important concepts.

Round 3(HR Round): This round is the easiest one amongst the above, here your communication skills and ability to deliver is focused

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