Wipro Turbo Hiring Interview Experience ( On Campus )

Wipro came to our campus ( National Institute of Technology, Srinagar ) on 08/09/2018 for the role of Project Engineer with 6.5LPA CTC.

Round 1: This was a written round conducted on AMCAT. It consisted of 5 Sections.

1:- English:- It consisted of:-

  • Acronym/Synonym
  • Sentence arrangement
  • Comprehension (Questions based on a paragraph)

2:- Logical Ability:- Simple questions were asked about:-  

  • Blood Relations
  • Directions
  • Sequences of numbers/words
  • Coding a word
  • Data Sufficiency

3:- Quantitative Ability:- It consisted of:- 

  • Percentage
  • Profit loss
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Probability
  • Speed and time, Etc

4:- Coding/ Automata:- Few Questions were:-

  • For an input 4, the pattern should be


4    4

5     5     5

6     6     6    6

6     6     6     6

5      5     5

4      4


In short, coding questions were easy.

5:- WriteX(English Writing Ability Evaluation)

In this round, we were given 20 minutes to write an essay on a topic of 100 – 400 words. The essay was then evaluated for grammatical errors and various other errors.

The advice here is to attempt all questions as there were very easy questions in between and there were questions which were lengthy and can waste our time. There was no negative marking. Once we go to the NEXT QUESTION, we cannot go back. There was sectional cutoff too.

Out of 180+ students, 26 were shortlisted for technical interview.

Round 2:- Technical Interview 

Questions asked in this round were:-

  • A very detailed discussion of my projects including approach,  vulnerabilities,  what new I have done that is not on the market yet, how can you secure your data from snooping/eavesdropping (Because one of my apps was connected to firebase real-time database).
  • Encryption and Encrypting algorithms. Cain and Abel software
  • Explain TCP/IP model and tell me in detail how can you implement that, what will be the input/output? What will be your approach? (as I wrote on my resume that I implemented all the layers of TCP/IP).
  • What is IP Address and Network Address?
  • What are my skills?
  • What types of software have I used?
  • What is cloud computing?
  • What is DBMS? Types of DBMS?
  • What is polymorphism and pure virtual functions
  • In Java, is there any way to execute the instructions in the main method after some “special instructions” are executed ( Answer is Static blocks P.S:- the question was twisted though. )
  • Access modifiers in Java and their visibility ( Including inheritance and packages )
  • Difference between function overloading and function overriding.
  • Stack/Queues and their real-life examples and applications.
  • Puzzle:- 3 switches 1 bulb puzzle.
  • According to you, what it takes to be a product engineer.

You don’t have to answer each question correctly. 75 to 80 percent correct answers are sufficient. Out of 26, 14 were selected for HR Interview.

Round 3: HR Interview

  • Tell me a time when you had a problem and you solved it yourself
  • Why Wipro?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • How can you prove that you are helping? (Yes, answer to my above question was I am helping and honest )
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • How can you say you are Enthusiastic and positive.
  • Do you think it is worth mentioning in your resume that you play counter strike and are good at it?
  • Location constraints

Basically, in both the rounds, you have to prove whatever you have written in your resume. Out of 14, 11 were finally selected in Wipro, I was one of them 🙂

At last, Thank you GeeksForGeeks 🙂

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