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Wipro off campus drive Interview
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 04 Dec, 2018

Round 1: 

It was a Amcat aptitude test and the duration of test was 110 minutes total there was 5 sections in this aptitude test

Verbal, logical, quantitative, coding questions, essay writing

Verbal, logical and quant was moderate if you prepare from indiabix then one can easily do it

For coding part there 45 minutes are allotted. There is 2 coding questions and I have done 1 questions properly and the all test cases of that code was run and I also tried the 2nd questions but it not run successfully

Essay is just formality in my point of view just write between 200 to 400 words with correct spelling

Total 495 appeared for aptitude test and just 8 students cleared the test and luckily I was one of them

Round 2: 

2nd round was technical interview started with introduction interviewer was very friendly he asked about my college. Then his first technical questions was do you know java applets i said that sir i haven’t gone that deep in Java i know only the oops concepts of Javathen asked me to explain the oops concepts

I explained well then he asked me about my final year project I also explained about the project then some questions about my achievements which I mentioned in my resume that’s it. The duration of the interview is around 20-25 minutes . Total 5 are selected for HR interview


Round 3:

HR interview was telephonic

1. How are you feeling?

2. How was your interview?

3. What you like about your college?

4. Are you ready to relocate?

It was very friendly interview and all 5 finally selected and I was one of them

Just be confident and believe in yourself and your fate

When that day is your good definitely result go in your favour

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