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Wipro NTH Interview Experience 2022

  • Last Updated : 28 Nov, 2021

We basically had 2 rounds.

Round 1(Assessment Round): This round consists of 4 sections

  1. Quants+verbal+logical
  2. Coding
  3. Essay writing

Section 1: For the first section, you will be given 16 questions from Quants, 14 questions from Logical and 22 questions from Verbal. You can easily do this round if you are able to manage the time. For this round being strong with the basics is more than enough to get good marks.

Section 2: Second section is basic coding and you will be given 2 coding questions. For this you must be having strong basics regarding coding. The topics you should focus are arrays, strings and loops. The questions which I got were finding the count of perfect cube roots in a given array and another question was to count the number of non-repeatable characters in a string.

Section 3: Third section is about essay. Here you will given a basic topic which must be completed in 20 mins. The essay topic must be written in 3 to 5 paragraphs in a structured way to get more score. Use good vocabulary.

So, I have cracked this round and got selected for the second round i.e. Business Discussion Round.

Round 2(Business Discussion Round): This is an interview round and basically this round is the combination of TR and HR. The interviewer I got was so friendly with me. He asked me very basic questions and I have answered all of them. It was not about the level of questions or the number of questions has been asked. It’s about how confidently you answer.

The questions that were asked for me during the interview were:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • What is class, object
  • Real world examples of class and object
  • Algorithm for java program
  • Concepts of c
  • What are pointers
  • In which concepts, pointers are used
  • What is a linked list
  • Types of linked list
  • Any other data structures you know
  • What is stack and what concept it follows
  • What is queue
  • Examples of stack and queue
  • Do you know database
  • What is database
  • Real world example for database
  • Any questions

Just make sure you are confident when you speak to the interviewer.

And yes, I got an offer letter from Wipro.

Hope this helped you.

Al the best!!!

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