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Wipro Interview Experience | Set 7 (On-Campus)

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Recently Wipro came to my campus for recruiting wipro turbo candidates. Actually wipro turbo has six sub domains like digital, data analyst, product engineering services etc.., . First it went with a preplacement talk where they explain how it went with previous years and how it was improving. They offered CTC of 6 lakhs.
It all consists of three rounds
1) Exam in CoCubes
2) Technical Round
3) HR
Prepare all the previous papers for the amcat exam it majorly consisting verbal part of 20 questions ,20 quants which consists of missing series and 20 technical questions they are asked to prefer Java or c before taking the exam .If u prefer Java please go through all the collection classes in depth and basic oops concepts and its implementation. Alongside they asked a coding question. If u done with the coding question definitely u will be selected for the next round.
Coding question like
1) To print how many number in between x and y having odd factors.
2) Sum of any two numbers in an array equal to k.
3) Find the no of triangles can be formed in the given array.

I was selected for this round and moved to the second round. For this round there were 450 selected. All the interviewers were so good. He asked me to explain my project. I explained him later he asked me all the oops concepts and the real world example. But to my friends they asked some of coding questions like merge sort and in database they asked simple queries , left join right join and inner join .One of the question is to find the which char has repeated many times in the given string using linked list.
They all are checking whether you are good about your basic concepts and how much confident you are when you are presenting to them. Don’t overload your resume with lot of projects better to have any IOT or MACHINE LEARNING projects. I could not make it to the HR. finally they selected 148 members. Hope it will be useful for u.

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Last Updated : 26 Sep, 2019
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