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Wipro Interview Experience (On Campus)

Last Updated : 15 Dec, 2022
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Recently I had an interview with Wipro Limited which was campus recruiting process.

Interview Process: 3 rounds.

Round 1 : Online Test in

Logical and Basic C and C++ output questions and some operating system questions

70 Questions and 70 minutes of time
To qualify you have to do technical section good for CSE and also you have to get the logical part at least 50% correct in my case to qualify for the FTF interview. In our case around 100 gave the test and around 25 were shortlisted for the interview process. So make sure you do well in all the 3 sections of the round 1.

Round 2 : Technical Interview face to face

Normal introduction questions and followed by projects mentioned in your resume and sorting algorithms and asked me to code for quick sort algorithm.
Be nice to your interviewer and explain him nicely and clearly and if you don’t know some thing say him kindly that you don’t know and don’t try to throw stone as if you know :P.

Round 3 : HR Round
1. Family background.
2. Who is your role model and why ?
3. What are your aspirations and what do you wanna become in future?
and then things mentioned on your resume like hobbies and interests and extra curricular activities. And then asked about if I am ready to relocate and stuff like that.

Finally I was offered the job.
Thank You GeeksForGeeks 😀

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