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Wipro Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021
  • Last Updated : 22 Feb, 2021
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Getting a job at Wipro is almost like a dream come true for many candidates. After going through this interview experience, I am sure you will find it pretty easy to crack your interview. So, this is my personal experience and I have received the offer. 

Wipro visited our campus 3 months back, and we had to clear an online test to be eligible for further rounds. 

The test consisted of sections like:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Quantitative Aptitude 
  •  Code-Debugging Questions 

Those who cleared this round were soon notified that the next round was the Technical Interview round. 

The interviewer was very friendly and the conversation started with my introduction. The interviewer was very curious to know more about one of my projects (PS- I had already won a few Hackathons ????). So I told her about my projects and then the interview went towards the technical side, where I was asked a few basic coding questions( based on data structures) and some questions related to OOPS.

 The next I received a mail that I had cleared the technical interview and my HR was scheduled the next day. I was pretty confident as I had good communications skills and was able to get through the HR round smoothly.

The next I was jumping like a kangaroo when I received an email from Wipro saying that I was selected.

Hope you would get to know a lot about the complete hiring process of Wipro after reading this.

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