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Wipro Interview Experience | On-Campus
  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 18 Sep, 2019

Wipro came to our college on 10th September 2019. There was total 3 round
Writetn Round: This round was based on Aptitude, Verbal, logical reasoning and essay included type questions were asked. The written test was easy (be careful with the essay part).
Technical Round:
After clearing written, technical and HR happened.

  1. What is the primary key?
  2. Why is an alternate key?
  3. What is mapping cardinality?
  4. How to implement one to one mapping?
  5. What is a unique constraint?
  6. Asked me to write a program using C or JAVA:
    Count words in a sentence and print second word and second last word.
    Input: I am a very good boy.
    Output: 6

HR Round:

  1. Relocation problem
  2. Night Shift problem?
  3. New technologies that I love.

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