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Wipro Interview Experience | Off-Campus Drive

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It was an Off-campus drive. There were a total of 3 rounds in the selection process.

Round 1: Round 1 is a written test. A written test was conducted on the Amcat Portal. This test contains Aptitude, Reasoning, English, and the Coding Section. The coding section consists of 2 programming questions. The level of written test is easy. Basic knowledge of all these sections is sufficient to clear this written test.

Round 2: I was selected for the 2nd round. This round was a technical round. This round is not very difficult. They asked questions to me from the Projects, OOPS, C, DBMS, and SQL and one programming question. They have asked questions from many domains like:-.

Q1) Tell me about yourself.

Q2) What is an array?

Q3) What is a structure?

Q4) What is a candidate key?

Q5) What is the select query?

Q6) They ask me to write 3 different – different queries

Q7) What are class & object, inheritance, and their examples

Q8) Questions on the project.

Q9) Why you have not studied java?

Round 3: My 2nd round went good then I was selected for the 3rd round. This round was HR round and it was also the last round. This was a general round but they are also looking for good communication skills. They asked general questions like:-

Q1) Introduce yourself.

Q2) Why do you want to join Wipro?

Q3) What is your career objective?

Q4) She asked me to speak something on any topic for at least 2 minutes

Q5) What are your strengths and weakness?

Q6) Are you willing to relocate?

Q7) Can you work in night shifts?

Q8) Do you have any problem with the bond?

Anyone can clear these rounds if he/she is preparing well. I just hope everyone reading this article will take help from this and do the preparation and crack it.

Good Luck.

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Last Updated : 06 Jul, 2020
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