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Wipro Interview experience for Star profile

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Wipro visited our campus for the recruitment of product engineer in pes(star). They opened for all the departments of B. Tech. I am a non cse guy from core Engineering with coding interest. We had a ppt where the officials explained about the role and the company. It had 3 rounds:

Round 1:
It is an online test conducted on amcat. It had 4 sections:
2.Data Interpretation
3.Coding(C, C++, JAVA, PYTHON any one can be used)
4.Essay writing

The difficulty level was moderate and time was sufficient enough. DI was the toughest and calculations need to be quick to attempt all the questions. In the coding module, we had 2 questions for 1 hour in which one was from array and other from string. The difficulty level of one coding question is moderate and the other is tough.Essay writing had a general topic. There were sectional cutoff for each sections and every section should be cleared individually.

Round 2:
Once cleared the online test, students were shortlisted based on performance and we had interview the next day. This is a technical interview. There were 3 members in my panel. I gave them my resume and they started asking from it. They asked questions from my internship experience. As my internship was on multithreading, questions from OS was the major part of this round. The questions were tough. They also asked about oops concepts like function overloading, inheritance, singleton class etc. Other standard questions like time complexities of basic algorithms were asked. As my resume had GIT, they asked me about the advantages about version control and few commands in git. They asked me to ask them a question to which I was readily prepared. I asked them about a platform which they built and they were surprised about it.

Round 3:
I was selected for the next round which is HR. I introduced myself, gave my family background, hobbies, interests and strengths. He asked standard HR questions like
1. Why wipro?
2. Tell me about your college?
3. The positions of Responsibilites I had.

Final offer:
After some time they announced the result and I was very happy to be one of those who got selected from my campus.

Please do research about the company a lot. When given a chance tell them about your research which shows the interest you have in the company. Do well in the online test. The score matters not only for shortlisting but also during the interview. Code frequently in hackerrank. Geeksforgeeks is a one place portal for all the questions companies ask during the coding round. So use them well. If you do not know something during the interview please do tell them frankly. Be brutally honest in your resume. They ask everything based on it.

If you have interest and can put lot of hardwork, the stream of engineering does not matter. Please do read the below article which helped me a lot for building my resume. All the best!

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Last Updated : 18 Sep, 2018
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