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Wipro Interview Experience for Product Engineer

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 22 Dec, 2020

I am Yeshu Garg sharing my Interview Experience which happened during the pandemic period. This was new and different to all 2021 Pass-Out Batches as it was all virtual. Hope this helps!

Wipro Interview Process consists of 3 Rounds as follows:

Round 1(Online Test): Wipro generally conducts AMCAT Test on Aspiring Minds Platform but in the future, it may change. The level of AMCAT Questions is Easy to Medium and the questions are also repeated sometimes. Lots of previous AMCAT Questions available on the internet to practice.

For me, it was conducted on Aspiring minds and it consisted of sections like:

  • Verbal Ability(20 questions – 15 mins)
  • Logical Ability(14 questions – 14 mins)
  • Quantitative Ability(16 questions – 16 mins)
  • Automata(2 Coding Questions – 40 mins)
  • Writex(400 words – 20 mins)

Automata consist of 2 coding questions both of them were easy based on Arrays or Strings. So, revise the concepts of both of them thoroughly. In Writex, you need to write an article on the topic given in 400 words and make sure you don’t make any grammatical mistakes.

Round 2(Technical Interview): Just revise the basic concepts that you learned in college and the working of your projects. The technical interview is very easy they just ask basic questions on OOPS, data structures, DBMS with some questions on your project. Inform them about your programming language and subjects while giving an introduction. The interviewer was cooperative and interactive during the interview. They generally don’t ask for implementation during the interview.

Technical questions asked me were:

  • What is DBMS?
  • What are DDL, DML, DCL, TCL?
  • Difference between DROP and TRUNCATE?
  • What is Function Overloading?
  • What is Polymorphism??
  • Explain different types of Access Specifiers?

Wipro asks some standard questions like:

  • About Relocation?
  • Why do you want to join Wipro?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Spirits of Wipro?

Round 3(HR Interview): Get ready for cross-questioning on your interpersonal skills and abilities by making sure you have a proper answer to prove your skills and abilities. Situation based questions are standard and generally asked in every HR interview. Answer these type of questions by giving stepwise solution and be confident. Those standard questions are asked again just for verification.

Hope this experience of mine helped you in achieving your goal 😉

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